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Arising Cleaning Franchise

Arising Cleaning Services offers a range of Domestic Support to clients in their own home. In the main this is cleaning, but we also offer ironing, shopping and, via our unique Home Assist Service, we’re also bringing back the home help!

Arising Cleaning Franchisees do not provide the services themselves and they do not employ anyone to provide the services. We engage with self employed workers and introduce them to clients. For this the Franchisees receives, direct from the client, a management fee. This is a tried and tested formula that works. Furthermore, our business start-up is actively designed to help support you and your new business from day one.

No Need for Financing or Borrowing Money from Family & Friends

No Initial Investment Required!!!

The only Franchise on the market today that is completely FREE to start!!!

Arising Cleaning Services is a domestic support management franchise with a difference!

Arising Cleaning Franchise

We are the First Cleaning Franchise in the United Kingdom to Not Charge Any Initial Investment!!!

Would you like to start your very own Domestic Cleaning Management Business?

We are a cleaning management Business with a Big Difference; we are offering you the opportunity to operate
a proven Business model which can be replicated throughout the United Kingdom, with one big difference!
No initial Investment!!!

Are you considering starting a Business but do not have enough funds in the bank to start with?

Are you worried about spending thousands on similar Opportunities and not seeing a return on your investment?

Do you dream of starting a Business for the first time but want to be part of something that is already proven to work?

If this sounds like you then this Opportunity could be for you.

We are offering you the Opportunity to partner with us to start and build your very own Management Business with no initial Investment.

Starting a Business can be a very exciting but can also be very scary at the same time, We have created an Opportunity for you to start a Business without having to lay out large amounts of money as you would normally find when starting a Business, we are the only Franchise on the market offering a Free entry level within in this sector.

Our Franchise Package

Designed To Help You Grow

Arising Cleaning Services Franchisees benefit from:

  • A real service based business that is in demand
  • Multiple income streams (cleaning and home help and from various client groups (professionals, families and the elderly)
  • A formula that can be replicated easily and quickly
  • A franchisor that understands what you need -particularly in the early days
  • Training and support throughout the life of the business
  • A franchisor who also operates a territory and therefore knows what works and what does not
  • A franchisor that is constantly working on new ideas and developments to roll out to franchisees to help them build better and bigger businesses
  • A friend on the end of the line or on email when you are unsure

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What is included in the package?

No Initial Investment Required! Completely Free!!!

  • A substantial territory which will be exclusive to you
  • 5 year franchise licence with option of extending
  • Marketing material and strategies
  • Your own fully functional website
  • Forms, contracts and stationery templates
  • Templates for cleaner and client and payment records
  • Corporate email address
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Presence
  • First 6 months insurance provided
  • Client/Cleaner handbook (PDF)
  • Initial training
  • Ongoing telephone and email support
  • Your own Direct Debit Facility portal for automatically charging clients each month without the need for invoicing
  • Virtual phone numbers with an automated response directing potential customers to your website booking form
  • Ongoing telephone and email support
  • Advice & contacts for banking, insurance etc…

and …..A Franchisor who cares!

Will This Business Suit Me?

Your Success is Our Success

Arising Cleaning Services is a Domestic Support Management Franchise with a difference. We offer our clients a range of domestic service solutions including cleaning, ironing and laundry. Our target market is wide ranging from the busy family who need to get back some quality time, to the elderly who need a little extra support around the home. For the latter client group we have also recently launched our Home Assist Service where we are bringing back the old style home help.

Domestic support is a growth market. We started our Business during the recession, something which others would not even begin to consider. But for us it was just perfect! If you can get a business to work during tough times think what can be done at other times. If it works in a recession it can only get better. Our start-up package is comprehensive and FREE!! Indeed no-one else allows you FREE entry into this sector. That doesn’t mean you get less, it means you get exactly what you need to succeed and you are not overburdened with financial overheads.

We Set You Up To Succeed, Not To Fail

We spent many years looking for the perfect Business to start. We were naturally attracted to Franchising because it works! Why should you spend months researching markets and writing business plans when we could simply replicate one that already exists?

That’s the beauty of Franchising. All the work has been done for you and all the problems ironed out at someone else’s expense. However, the more franchises we looked at the more frustrated we became. Great ideas, great products, great services, but when it came to the fine print both the franchise fee and management fees really impacted on the bottom line -particularly in the early days. High start up and ongoing fees can really suffocate a business. Those first few months and years are so important in the life of a new business and the last thing you want is a heavy financial burden weighing you down.

The biggest help a new franchisee can have is good support and low overheads –
that’s what we provide – and that makes sense doesn’t it?

Our Franchise Model

The Arising Cleaning Franchise model is simple to understand and easy to replicate throughout the UK. We introduce self-employed cleaners and carers to clients and receive a monthly management fee for doing so.

We advertise for workers, vet them and then add them to our database. We advertise our services and match the clients to appropriate workers. For cleaning, that means our franchisees are paying cleaners around £9 per hour direct and receiving £22 per month management fee.

Overheads are absolutely minimal and there is no need to employ anyone. It is the ultimate turnkey management franchise business. It can be run from your own home and will not take up huge amounts of your time.

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Arising Cleaning Franchise Model
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Business system?

In a nut shell you will be operating a cleaning Agency helping clients find regular cleaners for their homes, for this clients pay you a small monthly agency fee for providing them with a cleaner while they pay the cleaner directly and clients also provide the equipment and materials, the monthly fee the client pays is setup automatically via a direct debit payment system, so this Business is simplified to make life easy for you as a Business owner, client continue to use the service and each month and the fees keep rolling in with minimal effort.

How easy is it to find clients?

What we found is that the majority of clients will find you via Google, this is more so for major city areas, Google and leaflets are our two most popular forms of marketing, Google is the most easiest of both options as you do not have to go out physically and put leaflets in potential customers letterboxes however this can still be very ffective if considered, We have a team of Google Managers who help manage your Google marketing which means you can benefit from their expertise, Finding clients is relatively straightforward as majority of clients are looking for you rather than you looking for them, you will have a well updated and well designed website as your Business front which will result in new enquiries flowing in each week/month.

Is support provided?

Yes, we are always at the other end of the phone if you need help with any aspect of the Business, We will also be providing you with operations manuals to help you along the way.

Why do Customers use this service?

In this day and age people are busier than ever before, with very little spare time people look for alternative services to help save time, this is where we come in, we are there to help clients with finding suitable people to carry out the Domestic services required for a minimal fee, finding good reliable cleaners can take time and effort which most people don’t have so they look towards us to bridge the gap.

What will my day to day be like running this Business?

In the long term the idea behind this Business is to have a automated Business paying you whether you choose to work in it or not, but in the first couple of years of building your Business your daily role would consist as follows, Finding and interviewing potential cleaners, dealing with new enquiries as and when they come in, mostly via email, as new enquiries come in it will be your job to offer potential cleaners the new jobs and place cleaners with new clients, once everything has been setup the cleaner can start and the monthly fee you will be charging will be collected automatically each month leaving you to gain more clients for your Business.

Is this business difficult to run?

No, the challenging part of this business is finding good reliable cleaners to provide services to your clients, Finding clients is straightforward enough and we help you with this.

Will I need to purchase anything to get this Business going?

No, we provide you with your own website, corporate email account, and 5,000 leaflets (you may decide to purchase more leaflets after the first few months of trading). You will need a computer or laptop and a phone to operate this Business.

What are the ongoing costs?

Apart from the licence fee each month the ongoing costs are very minimal, if you get to month 3 and have around 20-25 regular clients onboard your Business is practically paying for itself without you having to ever put your hand in your pocket.

How many customers can I expect to have by month 12?

100-125 regular customers are achievable by month 12 but if you do not meet this target then expect to have between 50-70 regular customers, either way if you get to month 12 and find yourself not satisfied with the level of income or customers generated then you do have the option to walk away with a get out clause.

How much can I expect to make from this Business?

Depending how much time and effort you put into your new Business venture will depend on how much you get out of this opportunity, however let’s assume you give it your best then we estimate that by month 12-16 you should be making around £2000-3000 each month, then months 16 to 28 you should be making around £3000-4000 each month, like any Business you will need to work at it and follow the system in order to reap the rewards.

Will this Business suit me?

If you are looking for a work from home business and a management Business opportunity then this Business is a perfect match for you, this opportunity allows you to start a business without having to lay out large amounts of money like you would do if you were starting a Business from scratch, and you can be up and running within a couple of weeks. If you were to start a Business from scratch you would need to spend thousands upfront and it would be many months before you could open your Business.

How soon can I be making money from my new Business?

Like any Business you will need to give it time and effort, your first goal should be to achieve around 25-30 regular customers within the first 3-4 months in order to have enough money coming so the Business can pay for itself, this includes Licence fees, if you can do this then from there on you will go on to make a profit as each month your client list grows, Some Businesses can take 12-24 months to make a return, with this opportunity you could be making a profit within the first 6 months of trading and without having to spend thousands on starting your new Business.

Are there Licence fees to pay?

As with any other Franchise, there are ongoing licence fees to pay. The monthly fee starts from £95 to £195 + VAT per month depending on territory size and location. This compares to £450+ with other similar Franchises on the market today. We believe this gives our Franchisees the very best opportunity to succeed particularly during the early few months when cash flow is more restricted. To put this into perspective – You only need around 5 – 10 Regular Clients to cover the licence fee each month.

How do I get workers to work for me?

This is relatively straight forward and after you have joined us we will explain exactly how this is done – step-by step. We do not find them for you, but we show you exactly how to do it. In our own area not only do we have enough workers we actually have a waiting list of experienced people!

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